We-Li-Kit Farm

Rt. 97 in Abington, CT ~ (860) 974-1095


Farm Fresh Freezer Beef

Locally Grown, Humanely Treated, USDA Certified, NO Hormones

On our family farm animals receive humane treatment from birthing to processing. Our cattle are fed a vegetarian diet with access to pasture and water at all times. Our animals NEVER receive growth hormones, animal by-products or steriods. Our cattle are CT Grown.

Discounts available for bulk purchases. We take orders for halves and whole cattle, available seasonally.

Individual cuts are available at our ice cream stand, or off-season by appointment. For more information about our beef or to place an order please contact us.

Our meat products are also available year round at Our Kids Farm, 357 Barstow Rd, Canterbury Ct 06331

Beef Prices 

(Priced per pound. All prices subject to change. While supplies last)



London Broil    $6.95

Ribeye            $13.75

Chuck                $7.45

Sirloin               $12.45

Sirloin Tip         $12.45

T-Bone             $13.95

NY Strip            $12.45

Tenderloin         $18.95



Ground Beef       $6.75 

Patties                $7.50

Stew Meat          $6.95

Boneless Chuck Roast    $ 6.95

  Flank                  $10.45

Short Ribs          $5.95

Brisket                $7.95

Top Round Roast        $6.95               

All Beef,Nitrate Free Hotdogs  $10/pkg

            Shank        $4.95                  

Prime Rib      $13.75