We-Li-Kit Farm

Rt. 97 in Abington, CT ~ (860) 974-1095


2017 Calendar (more events to come)

April 2nd- Open for the season

May 14- Mother's Day giveaways

May 20- Cowlick Farm from 3 PM to 5 PM, offering fresh pasture raised chicken

May 27-29 - Come Celebrate Memorial Day with us with some Red White and Blue M&M Ice Cream, Strawberry, and Blueberry swirled in Cheesecake and a Margirita Madness Sundae Special on Monday, Clam cakes and Clam chowder availble all weekend and Monday along with a special meal option of Shredded Beef sandwich available Monday only

June18th- Fathers' Day BBQ from Unbound Glory, meat slow cooked all night with fresh local sides

August 27th - Brooklyn Fair Work Horse Show, some cheer on our big Percheron horses as they strut their stuff.

October 21st - Last chance to place a Fall Ice Cream order

October 29th - Last day before closing for the season

We will be holding events on Mother's Day, Father's Day, our Fall Festival and more!


Sweet corn harvest