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Pure Maple Products

Local, Natural & Healthy

Years ago the Rich Family was one of the largest sugarhouses in CT. In 2013 we started tapping trees once more and are proud to be able to offer our own Pure CT Maple Syrup again.

You can find our 100% Pure Maple Syrup at our We-Li-Kit Ice Cream Stand and at our Abington Grown booth at the Saturday Putnam Farmers Market (June-Oct, 10AM to 1PM).

Maple Syrup is a natural sweetener and a smart food choice. A 1/4 cup serving is 216 calories, making it one of the lowest calorie common sweeteners. Pure Maple Syrup contains anti-oxidents, riboflavin and minerals such as manganse, calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium that other common sweeteners can't compare to.

Grades of Maple Syrup-

There are 2 main factors in deciding which grade of maple to purchase, the color and the flavor. The system used to label the grades has changed from state and national systems to a uniform international system. The main change is that there is not longer a Grade B, for the new equivalent, choose Grade A Dark or Very Dark. Use the descriptions below to choose what fits your needs best.

Grade A Golden - Golden color, sweet delicate flavor, best for sweetening.

Grade A Amber - Amber color, rich flavor. 

Grade A Dark - Dark color, robust flavor.

Grade A Very Dark - Darkest color, strong flavor, best for cooking.

The lighter grades are best for making maple confections and as a sweetener in a recipe. The darker grades are better for cooking when you want the maple flavor to come out in a dish. All grades are excellent to use at the breakfast table. Many people ask, "what is the best grade?" This is purely up to you and your flavor preference. We encourage you to find more uses for maple syurp than just on your pancakes, after all it is a great local, natural and healthy sweetener.

For some great maple recipes go to: www.eatingwell.com, www.cornell.edu, www.purecanadamaple.com, and www.buzzfeedmaple.com

We-Li-Kit Maple Prices

Oxygen Barrier Plastice Jugs

3.4oz Travel Size   $4.50

Half Pint                $9.00

Pint                       $14.00

Quart                    $24.00

Half Gallon           $38.00

Glass Bottles

12 oz. Mason Jars   $12.00

24 oz. Mason Jars   $16.00

Small Maple Leaf     $15.00

Large Maple Leaf     $24.00